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Having Trouble? Be Sure To Have A Clear View To The South West!

fixing plane

Due to a recent update to the GOES East Satellite, our online testing services ( and are currently only able to access the GOES West Satellite.  While the GOES West Satellite still covers the entire United States, customers located on the east coast of the United States may experience interruptions in service if the beacon does not have a clear view to the South West skies.  This means to ensure your test is seen by the GOES-West Satellite, you MUST be facing South West without any obstructions blocking your view to the sky for your test to transmit.

We are working not only to restore our Local User Terminal (LUT/Antenna Dish) to work with GOES-East, but we are also taking this opportunity to upgrade both websites and integrate them directly into our main website to provide you with a better overall experience.

We are temporarily suspending new accounts from being set up.  We will be issuing all customers an extension of service to your existing account for the time when service is limited to only the GOES West Satellite.

Please note that our 406Link and 406Test services are separate systems from the Cospas-Sarsat Rescue services.  The 406Link and 406Test service limitation has no effect on live activation of the beacons for emergency use and the Search and Rescue process.  Cospas-Sarsat has both the GEOSAR and LEOSAR, as well as the brand new MEOSAR Satellites fully operational.

We apologize for this inconvenience.